10 Revolutionary Customer Service Tactics to Amaze Your Clients

Your clients expect that they will be able to get hold of any company for help, be it in a physical store or on the web through SaaS products and services. If they have questions or problems, they want them addressed by management as soon as possible.

To meet this goal, businesses need to implement innovative customer support strategies like:

Make a Support Portal

    Customer self-service tools and information are provided through customer portals, making it easy for them to solve their own problems thus reducing case volume while improving satisfaction and effort – which are essential metrics of good service.

    For your part, by dealing with easy queries that come in such as those that can be answered through knowledge base articles at the portal, you free up time to handle more complex issues. Again, customer portals offer 24/7/multilingual access.

    Create a Help Center

      Every customer service team in every company gets asked similar questions over and over again. Save your support executives time – and keep customers happy – by making these answers available through an easily searchable help center.

      Use analytics software to identify what topics or issues are most commonly troubling people then go beyond static articles with static solutions: create interactive guides that walk users step-by-step toward finding their solution.

      Employ Chatbots

        Chatbots enable businesses to interact proactively with customers without human intervention; respond to queries without human involvement; streamline customer support processes by automating repetitive tasks which helps cut costs among other benefits.

        Rules-based chatbots work like an automated dial pad menu: without considering context or subtleties but capable of quickly fulfilling simple requests e.g., password resets etcetera…

        Establish a Knowledge Base

          Knowledge bases are online libraries where customers can find FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), comprehensive how-to guides for various products or services offered by the business; troubleshooting tips and other useful information that can help them fix their problems themselves – this improves both customer experience and satisfaction while at the same time reducing support team workload.

          Knowledge bases should be designed with users in mind but not forgetting agents as well; they should be easily accessible; easily navigable; regularly updated to reflect new information or product updates, fixes for known issues or changes that might impact future users etcetera…

          Start a Community

            No matter whether such concerns are software or hardware related, customers need to know that the company cares about what they say when it comes to customer support. One way of doing this is by setting up a community.

            Support agents addressing customers as “ticket numbers” and giving generic responses does not sit well with them. Therefore employ visual tools which will help give more detailed answers faster besides prioritizing their requests thus showing them that you care.

            Create Social Media Channels

              Different platforms offer different social media channels on which companies can respond almost immediately to customer inquiries. By having all your customer support requests centralized into one system, agents get an overview of every client’s history in communication with the company.

              Creating value-driven content across your social media platforms is also another great way of delighting customers while at the same time showing them that you care. Sharing useful tips and solutions demonstrates your commitment towards meeting their needs.

              Begin a Blog

                A good blog is necessary for any website; however, it can also serve as an invaluable resource when it comes to customer service provision. Blogs may have chatbots integrated into them so as save both support agent’s time (by answering simple questions instantly) and user’s time too (by directly connecting them with reps if need be).

                Immediate support displays that you care about your customers. It is personalized and delights them which makes them happier with you.

                Start a Podcast

                  This podcast interviews CX leaders every episode to help businesses meet customer expectations. They talk about creating a consistent customer experience, developing customer centricity initiatives, and more.

                  The Crack the Customer Code is an innovative approach for meeting client needs through understanding them better. This creates memories in their minds hence they become loyal thus staying longer with us.

                  Start a Video Channel

                    Using videos to promote customer retention and brand loyalty is an effective method of engaging your audience, which will ultimately increase repurchases made by these individuals. Educating customers on how to use products or services can also inspire community involvement around such offerings while incentivizing repeat purchases at the same time.

                    Ensure you optimize video metadata by including relevant keywords both in its title and description – this way it gets ranked higher up on search engine results pages thus getting more visibility online.

                    Start a Blog

                      Blogs enable companies/brands communicate updates or announcements towards their clients but not only that; through them we are able to learn various things like; what our customers buy most frequently? What do they need from us right now? Among others..

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