Leveraging EXANTE for Advanced Trading: Comprehensive Review

Are you a seasoned investor looking for an ultimate trading solution that can support all your complex strategies? One of the top choices is the popular trading platform developed by the global broker EXANTE licensed by the financial authorities of Malta, Cyprus, the UK, and Hong Kong.

The EXANTE software is particularly popular among experienced traders. How can this platform meet the stringent requirements of advanced users? This review of the EXANTE broker will introduce you to the key advantages of this platform.

Powerful Features

For many experienced investors, advanced features in trading software are paramount as they can significantly enhance the trading experience and provide users with more trading power to seize potential opportunities.

This is where EXANTE stands out among other solutions. Here are some key features of this broker that can transform your trading.

1.     Exceptionally Low Latency

EXANTE has invested in 1,100 servers worldwide to build a stable and reliable infrastructure with very low latency. Due to this approach, the broker’s customers can execute transactions at a speed of merely 10 milliseconds.

2.     Wide Range of Financial Products

The EXANTE broker is widely known for its extensive range of trading instruments and markets.

On its platform, you can choose from products such as currencies, metals, futures, funds, bonds, options, as well as stocks and ETFs. Altogether, there are over 1 million instruments available.

Additionally, as an EXANTE customer, you will gain access to more than 50 markets across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and the Pacific region. Markets such as the Canadian TMX, US-based NASDAQ, NYMEX, and NYSE, German FWB, Austrian VSE, French EURONEXT, and Japanese OE are just some of the exchanges available to you when trading with EXANTE.

3.     Algorithmic Trading

EXANTE has developed a robust API based on the FIX 4.4 protocol that can effectively automate trading. This API can be integrated with the EXANTE trading platform as well as with software developed by third parties. With this solution, users can leverage complex trading approaches, including algorithmic trading, which enables the execution of multiple transactions simultaneously without human intervention.

Demonstrative Mode

Although advanced users have sufficient experience for live trading, they can still benefit from a demo mode of the EXANTE platform. Whether you are working on developing a complex trading strategy or trying to get a good understanding of the most basic trading techniques, it is safer to do so when you do not have to risk your own funds. That is where a demo mode comes in handy and why EXANTE has added a demonstrative account to the list of its services.

One of the greatest things about this service is the fact that it is provided for free and does not require identity verification. This means new customers can start trading with free virtual funds without worrying about putting their own funds at stake while they are still learning how to trade with EXANTE.

Competitive Pricing

In addition to its impressive services, EXANTE is also often chosen by traders for its attractive prices.

Unlike many other brokers, EXANTE does not impose any charges for account management or depositing money. Meanwhile, the costs of withdrawing funds are also very modest—you will have to pay either 30 EUR or GBP or 0.9% of the amount you are withdrawing, whichever is greater.

Furthermore, with EXANTE you do not have to pay anything for margin trading. Only if you exceed a margin utilization of 100% will you have to pay a fee of 90 EUR for the manual closure of your positions, which is required to reduce the need for collateral. However, in contrast to other brokers, EXANTE will notify you about the upcoming margin call first, allowing you to swiftly replenish your balance to provide sufficient collateral for keeping your positions. The fee will be charged only if you fail to address the broker’s request to increase collateral.

Effective Customer Support

As you can see in the case of a margin call, EXANTE does its best to cooperate with its customers and provide them with necessary assistance. This is possible due to the company’s professional customer support team and a customer-friendly approach.

For your convenience, the broker has added several channels of communication, including email, chat, and phone calls. Additionally, the company has brick-and-mortar offices in the UK, Cyprus, Malta, and Hong Kong, where you can arrange a meeting if needed.


EXANTE offers an ultimate package for advanced investors, featuring an extensive range of trading products and markets, as well as support for algorithmic trading. The company has transparent pricing with many services provided for free.

Even though you may not need to learn new trading strategies as an experienced trader, you can still appreciate the opportunity to use the company’s platform without investing your real money, due to the availability of a demo mode.

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