What Does a Trade Show Coordinator Do?

The job of a trade show coordinator is a high-pressure one requiring a good deal of organization and a tight ship onsite. The trade show coordinator is an integral part of a company’s business development department, which plans and implements its marketing focus at trade shows. The trade show coordinator is also responsible for ordering and coordinating furniture and electricity, overseeing booth build and development, managing language barriers, and interfacing with foreign government officials.

A trade show coordinator has many responsibilities, which vary according to the type of event. Some of their duties include making sure that the venue is clean and organized, ensuring booth space, electrical needs, and audio-visual equipment for presentations. They are also responsible for preparing food and beverage services for exhibitors and other visitors. To make sure that the trade show runs smoothly, the trade show coordinator must follow a well-organized schedule that allows the entire company to prioritize tasks.

As a Trade Show Coordinator, you’ll be responsible for planning and executing every aspect of the event. Your job will involve working with other members of your team, including event planners, vendors, salespeople, and marketing departments, as well as other stakeholders. Trade show coordinators need to be able to juggle a variety of tasks, from organizing the venue and coordinating food and beverage services to coordinating the booth staffing schedule.

A trade show coordinator also oversees the organization’s appearance at trade shows and events. They will select trade shows and develop a plan for each show. Other duties include developing handouts for clients and developing a booth design. Managing logistics on the day of the trade show can include making travel arrangements, ensuring that everything is on time, and keeping track of expenses. Finally, the trade show coordinator must be responsible for arranging transportation for both exhibitors and participants.